Learning to Code

Google wants to help you learn how to program.

 If you're a college student and you're interested in learning about programming and open-source development, Google has an opportunity for you! The Google Summer of Code (GSoC) is now accepting applications.

According to the Google Summer of Code site, applications for college students who are 18 or older opened on March 20. Students need to apply for entrance to the program by April 3. Google has offered GSoC for 13 years. The program is online, so no travel is required. Google has selected 201 organizations to act as mentors for students in the program, including such entities as Apache, Blender, Libre Office, and Moodle, to name just a few. Students are directed to review the mentor organizations and the projects and can submit up to five project proposals. If selected, students will be matched with a mentor and will receive a stipend.

Supporting Web Links
Discussion Questions/Activities
  1. The Google School of Code (GSoC) could be an exciting opportunity for students who are interested in programming. Walk the class through the application requirements and explore some of the mentoring organizations and projects that are available. Keep in mind that due dates for this year’s program are April 3, 2017. If the due date has already passed, discuss the benefits of working in such a program and remind students that the opportunity will most likely occur next year too.
  2. Divide the class into small groups and have them research the Hour of Code site in the Supporting Web Links section. Each group should choose a project to work on. At the completion of the project, each group should put together a presentation to showcase their results. Groups should explain why they chose their project and what they learned from it.
  3. As an individual project, ask students to explore one of the other coding options in the Supporting Web Links. Students should create a presentation or write a brief report about the site they explored. 


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