Net Neutrality Under Fire

Fears surround the future of the world's largest network.

With new leadership at the helm of the FCC, many Internet experts are concerned about the status of net neutrality. While most people agree that a free and open Internet is a good thing, some disagree on how that should be accomplished.

In Brian Fung's article for The Washington Post, he examines how the appointment of Ajit Pai as the new chairman of the FCC may affect net neutrality and Internet users. While Pai has previously stated that he believes in a free and open Internet, he has also made it clear that he is not in favor of the regulations the FCC has previously passed. Fung provides a brief overview of the fight for net neutrality and the steps the FCC took to safeguard it. He also explains Pai's position as he comes into the FCC and the various paths he might take in his quest to roll back some of these regulations.

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