A New Mobile Browser

Introducing a mobile browser designed for privacy.

Last month Mozilla launched a new browser for Android phones. Named Firefox Focus, the browser was originally released for iPhones in December 2015. Since then, the browser has undergone a slight name change and has had several revisions and improvements.

Emil Protalinski of VentureBeat reviews the new mobile browser in this article. A major feature of Firefox Focus is its attention to user privacy. Designed to automatically block Web trackers and ads, the browser offers a more secure browsing experience for mobile devices and their users. Not only will it block troublesome items, it keeps a running count of how many ads are blocked and notifies you if the browser is left open in the background so you can easily delete your browsing history.

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Discussion Questions/Activities
  1.  Poll the class to learn what browser (or browsers) they use on their mobile devices. Are students aware that they can use something other than the default browser that is installed? How likely would students be to select a mobile browser that blocks ads?
  2. Divide the class into small groups to research mobile browsers. Each group should select a different browser and report on its features. What are its advantages and disadvantages? Will it work on all platforms? What makes it different from other options?
  3. As an individual project, ask students to download an alternate browser for their mobile device and use it for a few days. Students should write a brief summary of their experience using the browser. Will they continue to use it? Why or why not?


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