Green Apps

Raising your environmental consciousness.

We only have one Earth, so we really should take care of it. One way to help is by recycling. Unfortunately, despite our best intentions, we don't always do as good a job as we should. This short podcast from PC Mike (aka Mike Wendland) shares three apps designed to help you take better care of our environment.

In this podcast, Mike introduces us to two apps that help you find locations for recycling and determine what's actually recyclable. A third app helps you document trash that you pick up and dispose of. The information is uploaded to a database that is shared with companies so they can create better, more environmentally-friendly packaging.

Supporting Web Links

Discussion Questions/Activities
  1. Usually, when people think about recycling and technology, they focus on e-waste. Have students thought about the ways technology can help them become more aware of the environment? Do they use any apps or devices that they use for this purpose?
  2. Divide the class into small groups and ask each group to locate an app or device that could be considered environmentally-friendly. Some of the articles in the Supporting Web Links section might be useful. Each group should research their findings and create a presentation to share their information with the class.
  3. As an individual project, ask students to be creative and invent their own environmentally-conscious app or device. It can be a simple concept or as detailed as the student wishes. Students should write a brief report to explain their idea.


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