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Shutting Down Stream Ripping

A recent court decision shuts down a site. Copyright on the Internet can be tricky and finding a definitive answer explaining all the rules can be even harder. But, when it comes to downloading YouTube videos and converting them to MP3 format -- a process known as stream ripping, a California court just shut down a popular website used for this purpose. Torrent Freak's Ernesto writes about the ongoing battle between the YouTube-MP3 site and the RIAA. The site was taken to court last year for copyright infringement by the RIAA, which represents a number of record companies. Ultimately the parties agreed to a settlement in favor of the RIAA and the YouTube-MP3 site has been shut down permanently. Supporting Web Links YouTube Stream-Ripping Site Shutting Down Download YouTube Videos on Android … Legally How to download YouTube videos to iPhone & iPad How to Download YouTube Videos The best free YouTube downloader 2017 Download Thousands of Free Music Tra

Tablets vs. Laptops

Which is best? As tablets rise in popularity, the question is asked more often. Can a tablet be used instead of a laptop? There's no easy yes or no answer to the question - it really depends upon what you plan to do with your device. Ed Hardy of Notebook Review attempts to answer the question in this article . And, just to make things interesting, he also looks at the option of using a 2-in-1 device to get the best of both types of devices. Hardy looks at different types of devices and compares various aspects of each, including processors, operating systems, graphics, and availability of applications. Supporting Web Links Dell readies its new consumer laptops and 2-in-1 tablet-laptop hybrids You Must Buy One of These 6 Laptops and Tablets for School Why Your Next Laptop Should Be a 2-in-1 Best Tablets of 2017 Best Laptop Deals of Today: Save on Tablets, 2-in-1s, More Can You Use a Tablet Instead of a Laptop in 2017 Discussion Questions/Activities Poll th

Another Layer of Protection

A look at firewalls. In the real world, a firewall is a physical structure used to separate two adjoining houses. The hope is that if a fire breaks out in one house, the firewall will prevent the fire from leaping to the adjoining house. With computers, the idea is similar. Firewalls can be either hardware or software, but they often stand between your computer network and the outside world, in the hope of preventing a malware attack from gaining access. In this PCMag article, Neil J. Rubenking looks at the current state of firewalls . In years past, most people installed stand-alone firewall software. However, Rubenking points out that the Windows operating system already includes a full-featured firewall. Similarly, home networks typically have firewall protection via the router, and many security software suites include a firewall too. Ultimately, although stand-alone firewall software is still available, chances are good that you're already protected by the

A Networking Shift

Are mobile devices and the cloud changing the network infrastructure? Local area networks (LANs) have been a key building block in the network infrastructure for decades. However, in this Computerworld article from Evan Schuman, he explores the impact mobile devices and the cloud are having on LANs . Schuman explores the theory that mobile is killing the LAN. Steven Sprague of Rivetz, a cybersecurity firm, believes that our increasing reliance on mobile devices and cloud services is making the LAN obsolete. Although Schuman disagrees, he does admit that Sprague makes some good points. Schuman thinks we need to look at the long-term changes that have already begun. He also stresses the need for improved authentication procedures. Supporting Web Links Slideshow: 6 Key Milestones in Computer Networking History Computer vs. Smartphone How to Build and Set Up a Home Network- Beginners Guide How to test your home internet connection speed Cloud File Storage vs. In-Hous