Fun with 140 Characters

And it's not Twitter!

Although Twitter is well known for its 140 character limit, it's not the only site that has these restrictions. The Internet has recently discovered the joy of Dwitter, a site that allows contributors to create visually interesting designs using JavaScript code. Each post, known as a dweet, may be no more than 140 characters.

If you're not familiar with JavaScript, you're in luck! Redditor Xen_The has created a Basic Dwitter Guide to help you get started creating your own dweets! Give it a try and see what happens.

Supporting Web Links

Discussion Questions/Activities
  1. The Dwitter site offers an interesting opportunity to introduce programming to students. Show students the site and the Basic Dwitter Guide to help explain some of the basic coding concepts. Explore some of the dweets and try dissecting the code to see how it relates to the image.
  2. Divide the class into small groups and have them create their own dweets. Students may want to start by copying the code for a dweet they like and then modifying it to see how it changes. The site Dwitterish (in the Supporting Web Links section) can be used as a test canvas to experiment with the code and see the results right away. Each group should demo their dweets and explain their coding process.
  3. As an individual project, ask students to locate examples of coding tutorial tools that help teach other coding languages. Students should create a brief presentation displaying their finds.


  1. This a neat website to check out just to see all the things you can do with Java Script. It's a fun twist on Twitter.

  2. This is a very interesting site. I am going to be teaching computer programming/computer science during the next school year, and this will definitely be a website I direct my kids toward. It will show them that code does not have to be hundreds of lines long, but can be under 140 characters and still look amazing!


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